Dorinha is a Brazilian Fashion Designer in the jeans and denim industry. She is best known for Dorinha Jeans Wear & The Original One Inch Zipper™
Fashion Designer

Dorinha led the Dorinha Jeans Wear Company with graceful skills that have proved to a mass number of diverse and challenging fashion industry dynamics. By embracing the complete range of barriers the fashion industry has introduced, Dorinha possesses a well equipped skill set. Handling the dynamic, intricate and creative world of fashion has handed to her. Dorinha understands the fundamental concepts of apparel design; elements and principles of design she’s examined through her own experiences. She is the most active participant in the Dorinha Jeans Wear, continually demonstrating the ability to communicate design direction individually and to her team. There is no difficulty for her to recognize fashion terminology and identify elements of garments: silhouettes, necklines, collar types, sleeve styles, pants, skirts, prints, patters, garment details and so forth. With an underlying desire and passion she also is familiar with the essentials of commerce, she has come to understand that survival in this competitive business means focusing on how to market your business. Through product development, portfolio development, promotion, press/media kits, print, intensive concentration and patience she builds onto her entity utilizing her experience and abilities as a selling tool.
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